About the Earth Day flag

A flag designed by John McConnell in 1969 for the first Earth Day is a dark blue field charged with The Blue Marble, a famous NASA photo of the Earth as seen from outer space. The first edition of McConnell's flag used screen-printing and used different colors: ocean and land were white and the clouds were blue. McConnell presented his flag to the United Nations as a symbol for consideration.

Because of the political views of its creator and its having become a symbol of Earth Day, the flag is associated with environmental awareness, and the celebration of the global community. It was offered for sale originally in the Whole Earth Catalog, and is the only flag which was endorsed by McConnell.

The Blue Marble image was placed in the public domain, and the public nature of this image was the basis of a legal battle that resulted in the invalidation of a trademark and copyright that was originally issued to the Earth Day flag through its original promotional entity, World Equity, Inc. This does not invalidate the official history of McConnell's flag, only the official documentation that was issued on it.

This modern flag is a revised version of the Blue Marble.

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