About the Republic of Tatarstan flag

The Flag of Republic of Tatarstan (Russian: Флаг Татарста́на, Flag Tatarstana, Tatar: Cyrillic Татарстан байрагы, Latin Tatarstan bayrağı) was adopted 29 November 1991 in its present form. It was designed by Täwil Ğiniät ulı Xaziäxmätev (pronounced [tæˈwil ɣiniɪˈæt uˈlɯ xæziəxˈmætəf]).

The colours represent the Tatar majority (of whom are mostly Muslim), and the Russian minority.

According to official explanation, each colour has its own meaning:

1. The Red band symbolizes fight for happiness, bravery and courage of the Tatar people.
2. The White band symbolises Peace, concord and honest future, and peace between the two Tatar Majority and the Russian minority.
3. The Green band symbolises hope, freedom, wealth and the solidarity with Islam.