About the flag of Quebec City

The flag of Quebec City was officially adopted January 12, 1987.

The flag depicts a golden yellow ship on a deep blue field surrounded by a crenelated white border representing its unique city walls. The border also signifies the fortified city its founder came from, Brouage in Saintonge, France.

The ship is Samuel de Champlain's ship, the Don de Dieu, a reminder of the city's founder. The outward sails symbolizes the bravery and strength of the population. The ship also signifies the city as being a major seaport in North America.

The heraldic colours used have the following meaning:

Yellow (or) represents strength, justice, consistency, wealth, faith and luster.
White (argent) stands for purity, truth, charity, humility and victory.
Blue (azure) means loyalty, clarity, sovereignty, majesty, good reputation, knowledge and serenity. Blue is also predominant in the city's coat of arms to emphasize its foundation by the French.

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