About the flag of Pittsburgh

The flag of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a tricolor flag featuring vertical bands of black and gold, with the city's coat of arms in the centre.

In 2004, the flag was ranked 24th best flag design out of 150 city flags by the North American Vexillological Association, and was the top-rated tricolor.

In tribute to the flag, all four professional athletic teams in Pittsburgh in the sports of baseball, football, hockey, and soccer are black and gold. The arms are based on those of William Pitt, 1st Earl of Chatham, namesake of the city.

The phrase Benigno Numine was the motto of the Earl of Chatham. It is generally translated as "With the Benevolent Deity" or "By the Favour of the Heavens".

It was adopted by the newly formed city in 1816 but somehow fell off seals and official documents and emblems in the early 20th century before being restored to the seal by City Council on July 3, 1950 and signed off by the Mayor on July 7, 1950. However even then the motto was not implemented until council looked into the matter in November 1958.

The city of Pittsburgh's coat of arms is based on the arms of William Pitt, the first Earl of Chatham and the city's namesake. The crest of the city's coat of arms, an image of a fortress, represents the city of Pittsburgh, serving as a mural crown of sorts.

The official blazon of the city's coat of arms, as defined by a 1925 city ordinance, is as follows:

On a field Sable, a fess chequay Argent et Azure, between three bezants bearing eagles rising with wings displayed and inverted Or. For crest, Sable a triple-towered castle masoned Argent.

The design of the seal of Pittsburgh, is defined in the Code of Ordinances, City of Pittsburgh, Title I, Article I, Chapter 103, Section 2 as follows:

(a) The great seal of the City and the lesser seals of the same shall be of the following design:

(1) The great seal is a circle bearing in its center the arms and the crest of the City and upon its periphery a belt or band of Roman capital letters forming the legend "The Seal of the City of Pittsburgh, 1816, Benigno Numine."

(2) Lesser seals are the great seal of the City with this addition: on an arc of a circle having the same center as, but shorter radius than, the aforesaid legend, and placed directly below the City arms, the proper designation of the sealing office, as "Office of the Mayor," "Office of the City Clerk" or the like, such designation to be in Roman capital letters, smaller than, but of like face to those used in the peripheral legend.

(b) Hereafter all dies, engravings, plates or reproductions of the great seal and lesser seals of the City shall conform strictly to the aforesaid description, and the City arms and crest as used thereon shall adhere strictly to the official graphic rendering of the arms and crest as preserved in the archives in Council.

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