About the Vinland flag

Viking explorers visiting North America around the year 1000 called one of the areas they came to "Vinland". Gothic metal band Type O Negative designed a Vinland flag, used to symbolize a variety of front man Peter Steele's interests and political ideals (paganism, nature connectedness), including his own Scandinavian heritage. It appears on various compact-disc covers produced by the group, sometimes with the slogan "made in the People's Technocratic Republic of Vinland", and adorns various pieces of Type O Negative merchandise.

Various groups in North America adopted the symbol as an ethnic flag, including numerous vendors, some Germanic neopagan groups, and political groups who commodiously identify the name of the 11th-century Norse colony at L'Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland, called Vinland in the Norse sagas, with the predominantly Anglo-American inhabited areas of the modern nations of Canada and the United States. (More narrowly it has been displayed at the Finnskogen festival, celebrating the Forest Finns, despite its Norwegian provenance.)

This flag is available in an official size option

Most mass-produced flags are commonly 150x90cm / 5x3' or 90x60cm / 3x2', which will often vary from the official size ratio. We now offer a custom-manufactured official size option for our many of our flags.

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