About the United Tribes of New Zealand flag

The flag of the United Tribes of New Zealand was originally created in 1834. It features a St George's Cross throughout, with a canton featuring a smaller red cross on a blue background fimbriated in black, and with a white eight-pointed star in each quarter of the canton. When officially gazetted in New South Wales in 1835, some of these features were altered, to fit with more standard heraldic patterns - the fimbriation was made white, and the eight-pointed stars were corrected to five-pointed stars. This corrected version of the flag served as the de facto national flag of New Zealand from 1835 until the signing of the treaty of Waitangi in February 1840.

The earlier version of the flag, with black fimbriation and eight-pointed stars, is widely used today as a flag by Maori groups throughout New Zealand, and was in July 2009 proposed as one of four possible designs for an official Maori flag at a series of hui around New Zealand. The flag is also occasionally encountered with black or white fimbriation and six-pointed stars.

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