About the Falkland Islands flag

The first flag of the Falkland Islands was adopted on September 29, 1948. It was a Blue Ensign with the Union Flag in the canton and the coat-of-arms superimposed upon a white disc. In 1999, the size of the arms was increased and the white disc removed to create the current flag.

During the Falklands War, when Argentina occupied the islands, the flag was banned and in its place the Argentine Republic's flag was raised. Currently, Argentina maintains that the islands are part of the Tierra del Fuego Province and considers the province's flag to be the islands' flag, although it has never been flown on them.

A Red Ensign with the Falklands coat of arms superimposed was adopted in 1998 and is used as the Islands' civil ensign. Previously the plain red ensign was used by ships in the territorial waters around the Falklands.

The Governor of the Falkland Islands uses a Union Flag defaced with the coat of arms.

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