New Zealand flag (official size)

Our New Zealand flag is available in 5x2.5' (150 x 75cm) which is the correct and official 1:2 size ratio as well as smaller 3x2' (90 x 60 cm) and super large 8x5' (2.5 x 1.5m). It fits in well when displayed with common 5x3' (150 x 90cm) country flags.

About the New Zealand flag

The New Zealand (Māori: Aotearoa) flag is the symbol of the people and government of New Zealand, a country of around 4.3 million people located in the South Pacific.

The current flag is a defaced Blue Ensign - with a British Union Jack (to represent New Zealand's former status as a British colony), and the four stars represent the constellation of Crux, the Southern Cross, as viewed from New Zealand.

Its royal blue background refers to the blue sea and clear sky.

This design has been in use since the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi (Māori: Te Tiriti o Waitangi), New Zealand's founding document, on 6th February 1840.

The flag is protected by New Zealand legislation within the Flags, Emblems, and Names Protection Act 1981.

Ministry for Culture & Heritage - Displaying the New Zealand Flag

Diese Fahne ist in einer offiziellen Größenwahl verfügbar

Die meisten Serienflaggen sind üblicherweise 150x90cm / 5x3 'oder 90x60cm / 3x2', was oft der Fall ist variieren vom offiziellen Größenverhältnis. Wir bieten jetzt eine speziell angefertigte offizielle Größenoption für unsere vielen unserer Flaggen an.

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