About the Starry Plough flag

The original Starry Plough showed silver stars on a green background. During the 1930s the design changed to that of the blue banner, which was designed by members of the Republican Congress, and was adopted as the emblem of the Irish Labour movement, including the Irish Labour Party. Labour adopted the rose as its official emblem in 1991 but continue to use the Starry Plough for ceremonial occasions. It is also claimed by Irish republicans and has been carried alongside the Irish tricolour and Irish provincial flags and the sunburst flag, as well as the Red flag at Provisional IRA, Continuity IRA, Official IRA and Irish National Liberation Army rallies.

The flag, and alternative versions of it, are also used by éirígí, the Connolly Youth Movement, Labour Youth, Ógra Shinn Féin. Communist Party of Ireland the Republican Socialist Youth Movement, and socialist Celtic F.C. supporters, in the past it was used by the Sligo/Leitrim Independent Socialist Organisation before it merged with the Irish Labour Party. The flag was draped on the coffin of the Independent TD Tony Gregory during his funeral. The older banner featuring the plough is still occasionally used today by the Irish Republican Socialist Party, Sinn Féin and the Workers' Party of Ireland, formerly Official Sinn Féin.

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