About the flag of Germantown, Ohio

The flag of the city of Germantown, Ohio, is intended to incorporate aspects of the past, present and future of the municipality and reflect the small town pride integral to the community.

This flag was created at the 210th anniversary of Germantown as a visually strong and bold flag that built from intent and symbolism of the previous flag, but in a more timeless form that was less based around the style of a complex seal and better suited to reproduction at multiple sizes. It draws from aspects of the past and present of the municipality, while facing forward to the future. This was originally intended to be produced in a 2-by-3-foot (61 cm × 91 cm) format.

Wheat wreath: The circular ring of wheat implies the “O” of Ohio and the agricultural ties of the community.
Hands: Also present on the German Township seal, the hands represent the need for relationships with community partners and hard work to build a better future.
Yellow: Further represents wheat, farming, breads, and brewing which have all had historic significance in Germantown.
Red: Signifies hardiness, valor, and a historic military connections. Red was also the color of the Germantown School System mascot, the Cardinals, which existed prior to the formation of Valley View in 1968.
White: Signifies purity, innocence, and our youth.
Blue: Signifies vigilance, perseverance, and justice—pillars of the community. Represents the rivers that flow around the community, powered historic mills, and fed the fields – as well represents the skies of the aerospace industry.
Blue & white: Represent the Valley View School system, a center for youth academics, sports, and a beacon for our future.
Red, white, & blue: Reflect the colors of the flag of Ohio and the United States of America.
Black, red and gold stripes: These colors represent the German heritage, as well as the namesake of the municipality.

Diese Fahne ist in einer offiziellen Größenwahl verfügbar

Die meisten Serienflaggen sind üblicherweise 150x90cm / 5x3 'oder 90x60cm / 3x2', was oft der Fall ist variieren vom offiziellen Größenverhältnis. Wir bieten jetzt eine speziell angefertigte offizielle Größenoption für unsere vielen unserer Flaggen an.

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