Skull and Cross Bones (Jack Rackham) flag

John Rackham (December 21, 1682 - November 18, 1720 in Jamaica) (often spelled Rackam or Rackum in contemporary documentation), known also as Calico Jack, was an English pirate captain during the early 18th century. His nickname was derived from the calico clothing he wore.

Captain John "Calico Jack" Rackham was a Caribbean pirate towards the end of the era known as the golden age of piracy from 1717-1720. A few of the things that have brought him fame are the allowance of women aboard his ship, something unheard of at this time, and also his flag, the Jolly Roger (The Skull-and-Crossbones insignia), which is one of today's most popular symbols for piracy. "Calico" Jack is not known as a "particularly ruthless or bloody pirate" in fact many times he would capture ships only to offer the crew to join him, however there are a few reasons in particular why he is still studied today.

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