About the flag of Scarborough, Ontario

The Flag of the City of Scarborough, Ontario was officially dedicated on August 19, 1969, by then-Mayor Albert Campbell at a special ceremony in Thomson Memorial Park. It was designed by local painter Doris McCarthy (1910–2010) in the spring of 1968, who was presented with the idea by her friend Albert Campbell. McCarthy based the design on ideas presented by Campbell and likely from her influence in living by the Bluffs.

A highly stylized representation (abstract impression) of the Scarborough Bluffs and Lake Ontario are in blue on the left and bottom of the flag. The background is white, with the red Maple Leaf of the Flag of Canada near the centre of the otherwise void area.

The need for the flag was proposed by Campbell to give the new borough an identity at civic events.

The flag was used at the Scarborough Civic Centre, municipal buildings and schools of the Scarborough Board of Education.

Scarborough was one of three municipalities within Metropolitan Toronto to introduce a civic flag:

Toronto - Flag of Toronto was adopted in 1974
Etobicoke - Flag of Etobicoke, Ontario, was adopted in 1975 and amended in 1995

The City of York, City of North York and Borough of East York used corporate slogan civic logo or motto as a banner instead of an official flag.

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