About the Hispanic People's flag

The Flag of the Hispanicity (Spanish: Bandera de la Hispanidad) is a flag sometimes used to represent the Hispanic people or Hispanic community.

The Flag of the Hispanicity displays a white background with three purple crosses and a rising sun.

The white field or background symbolizes peace and purity.
The golden Inti sun symbolizes the awakening of the new lands.
The three crosses pattée symbolize Christopher Columbus's three ships, the Niña, the Pinta, and the Santa María.
The Purpure color of the crosses represents Spanish language, it comes from the ancient use of this color in the lion of the Kingdom of León flag, which was later incorporated with the Crown of Castile, where the Castilian or Spanish language was born.

The flag was designed by Ángel Camblor, a captain of the Uruguayan Army. He was the winner of a contest organized by Juana de Ibarbourou in 1932. The flag was first raised on Independence Square of Montevideo on October 12, 1932.

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