About the Flag of Denver, Colorado

The flag of the City and County of Denver, Colorado was designed by a North High School school student, Margaret Overbeck, and adopted in 1926. A zigzag white stripe horizontally separates a red field below from a blue field above, in which is centred a yellow circle, together forming a stylized depiction of the sun in a blue sky above snow-capped mountains. The colour yellow symbolises gold in the state's hills and red the coloured earth to which the word Colorado refers. The circle's centred position symbolises Denver's central location within the state. The white zigzag symbolises Colorado's Native American heritage.

In a review by the North American Vexillological Association of 150 American city flags, the Denver city flag was ranked third best.

In heraldic vexillology, the flag is blazoned Per fess dancetty of two azure and gules a fess dancetty of two argent in chief a bezant.

This flag is available in an official size option

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